Amber.jpgI took lessons with Phalla for almost a year via Skype. I have been to Cambodia four times to volunteer at a church there, and on the last trip I stayed a year and a half. When I got home, I decided to continue learning the language since I find it fascinating. I found Phalla’s tutoring service through a Google search, and signed up. It was instantly evident that Phalla is a gifted teacher and knows how to communicate the lessons in a memorable and effective way. He has all his lessons organized and utilizes the full spectrum of available online teaching tools which are extremely helpful in helping to demonstrate the concepts in each lesson. He has also created a huge collection of helpful flashcards on Quizlet (with audio!) for his students to use.  He communicates in English better than most native English speakers I know, and has a firm grasp of English grammar…this helps so much when he has to explain how things translate between the two languages, and to make sense out of it. He is a gifted teacher with an intuitive sense of what the student needs, and guides the lessons accordingly. He always came equipped with a well thought-out lesson, emailed me my study guides ahead of time, but then would have a backup plan waiting in case the lesson was too difficult. I grew so much in my ability to speak, read, write and pronounce the Khmer language, and it’s all thanks to my wonderful teacher Phalla! I look forward to taking up lessons again in the future when my schedule allows. 5 stars!